Our Story

Welcome to our site. Our mission is to provide quality unique imaginative products to our clients while utilizing recycled, reclaimed and repurposed products that would be otherwise discarded or wasted. I guess the term is ‘upcycling’. We are continually exploring new and trending ideas to offer new and exciting items to our clients.

For years I had been noticing an abundance of discarded pallets. Like a lot of people, I wondered what happened to them. I had heard that a lot of people had used them to burn (bonfires, home wood stoves, etc.). Seemed like such a waste of resources, especially since most of the wood was in great condition and was reusable. As a handyman/carpenter and a huge recycler, I felt that this was a waste. I researched pallet and reclaimed wood purposes and found quite a few ideas.

Early in 2017, I decided that I would like to try and make some of the items that I saw online. My first attempt was a wine rack which I saw on Pinterest. It came out pretty good and it created a small buzz around my group of friends that I shared it with. The next thing I knew, I was getting orders for wine racks and struggled to keep up. This encouraged me to try other projects.

My next attempt was a beer cooler (which I secretly wanted for myself). This project, on a scale of 1-10 was a definite 10. It tested my carpentry skills as each cooler was different from the next. Each one is designed around the size of the cooler. It came out ok, but I was able to learn from the prototype and made the next ones much better. Orders for the coolers kept me pretty busy.

The positive response to the racks and coolers inspired me to try all kinds of projects. Who knew that so many people were into upcycled home goods?!!

Our products are handmade, not from an assembly line. My factory or workshop is my backyard. I work outside, when it rains, I work in an unheated greenhouse. There are currently 2 employees, me the owner (head of production) and my girlfriend (head of design). We agree on everything (kidding).

Our products are lightly sanded to remove dirt, rough surfaces and large splinters. Pallet wood can include dings, knots, nail heads and other wood characteristics which I do not try and conceal. These characteristics are what make each piece unique. If you have questions about custom orders like stain choices or size variations, don’t hesitate to message me!

I like breaking down pallets and creating items out of them. The occasional splinters and bruised toes are a side effect that I’m okay with. Turning someone else’s garbage into something of value is a good feeling.

Hope you find something that you like. Thanks for shopping my site!